Lab news

In March 2023 I will join the Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology at UC Davis as Assistant Professor in Quantitative Fisheries! UC Davis is a unique place to study ecology and marine ecosystems because of the wide diversity in research perspectives: ecological theory, applied marine management, field and experimental studies. While I keep a firm footing in quantitative fisheries science, I strongly value interdisciplinary research. This is both a matter of personal preference – I enjoy working with people who bring a different perspective – and essential for the research questions I find most interesting. If you are interested in fisheries, the ecology of harvested species, and want to work in an interdisciplinary environment then UC Davis might be the place for you!

I am always open to co-developing project ideas for fellowships and other externally funded grants. Prospective students should check out my list of graduate school funding opportunities. I may also have additional funding for students and postdocs to join the lab. 

Prospective lab members should email me directly (  I encourage you to include the following in your email:

  1. A short summary of your background
  2. A short summary of a project you are interested in working on. (This is not binding, but gives me a sense of what you are excited about)
  3. Your CV and (for prospective grad students) an unofficial transcript